Most clients require between 10-30 hours per week and allow you to choose your own schedule. Typically you need a high speed internet connection, telephone line and a windows PC running Windows 7 or higher.  Many  clients need agents to provide chat or email services while some require talking on the phone.​​



​​Certification Course Fees - Each Client charges a  certification  fee that is paid directly through Arise.  As an Arise IBO we do not collect any of these fees.  The fees for each class can be between $20 and $200.  Arise allows you to service for up to 2 clients at a time as long as the client required work hours per week are fulfilled.  During the client certification course you will not be compensated for your time as an independent contractor. 

Service Fees -  With Central Home Professionals, LLC  we charge a very low service fee.  Some IBOs partnered with Arise charge 50 dollars per check plus the Arise charge $19.75 per paycheck.  Central Home Professionals, LLC believes that the fees should be as low as possible.  We charge a rate of $24.75 per pay period which includes the Arise fee of $19.75, there are two pay periods per month.  Once again the Arise charge of $19.75 is included in the $24.75.

​This fee is charged to support the administrative needs and infrastructure to meet the expectations of each client.  

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Professionals, LLC.

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